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Fan Casting of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS! (AKA the Whitest Cast EVER)

The Dark Knight Returns, which was published in 1986, has become the central text that informs and colors Batman.  It's managed to capture the imagination of millions of readers, and the desire for it to be turned into a film is as prevalent today as it was twenty years ago.  

After the jump, you'll find my own fan cast.

Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow:

He's a hilarious character, bitter and crotchety.  I came across Lost alum Terry O'Quinn, and while he certainly has the look, I'm not that familiar with his work:

And Kryptonian-turned-government-agent Superman/Clark Kent:

This is a tricky casting, considering how Superman is portrayed in TDKR as the all-American, but a complete bitch as well.  At the same time, he's gotta have PRESENCE.  After much searching, I decided on Mr. Scott Summers himself, and Superman Returns alum, James Marsden.

Sure, he's a little scrawny, but other than Christopher Reeves, all of the Superman actors have been built pretty average.  What's more important is that Marsden kicks fucking ass... he's absolutely hilarious (just watch the underrated Sex Drive), and completely underused in films like X-Men.  I think that an understated, comedic actor like Marsden is perfect for such a role.

Ellen Yindel:

She may be a little older than intended, but she's got the alpha-type personality, and the ability to play vulnerable and a fish out of water.  Ladies and gents, Ms. Tilda Swinton!

Dr. Bartholomew Wolper, the quintessential arrogant, bleeding-heart doctor who makes excuses for his patients, and eventually engineers the release of the Joker:

Jason Freakin' Lee.  I know, I know, he does more stupid, or asshole-ish, and fratboy than anything, but if you see him in Cop Out, you can certainly see the arrogance and understated potential.  

The Mutant Leader:

After seeing a bunch of other fan casts for this role, I am pretty convinced that Derek Mears is an excellent choice.  After all, he was Jason Vorhees.  Certainly has the pedigree.

The Joker:

Who's a better choice for intensity, sheer insanity than The Last Mohican himself, Daniel Day Lewis?

Despite him looking young in the above panel--this always bothered me, but I guess the amount of plastic surgery is to blame--I'm still skewing older, considering Dent's supposed to be older than Bruce Wayne.  Richard Chamberlain:

While Sean Young may be too, I dunno, classy for the above picture, she's still certainly got that edge and she looks fantastic.  And what's better is she looks like she can be a possible older version of Anne Hathaway.

John Hurt, of Hellboy fame!

Now to the meat of the story, one of the three top roles in the book: former Commissioner James Gordon, Bruce Wayne's confidante and friend.

Most fan casts choose actors around the same age as their choice for Batman, but I'm going significantly older, with Kris Kristofferson
Next we have Carrie Kelley, the future Robin:

This is a vital role, obviously, not only because she's pretty front and center but because of what she means to the story.  She occupies a part that is vital to the growth of Bruce Wayne, his return to his crusade, and she epitomizes his affect on Gothamites.  Not to mention the fact that she acts as not only a foil for grumpy ol' Wayne, but as a person we can relate to in a distant future, when the world is vastly different, and staggeringly the same all at once.  I nominate Elle Fanning.

Viewers will recognize 13-year old Elle Fanning from Super 8, the flawed, wistful throwback to the 70s and 80s Spielbergian films by J.J. Abrams that came out earlier this summer.  She proved that she has a gritty, darker side, as well as an innocent, hopeful side, yet can come off as mature and playful. 

And for Bruce Wayne/Batman:

After much consideration and much soul-searching, I came up with Iain Glen for the man behind the cowl himself.

IMO, he's got the look, he's got the build, the smolder, and he's still pretty unknown to a lot of mainstream film goers.  His turn as Jorah Mormont in HBO's Game of Thrones shows that he's got just enough grit and steel for Batman as much as his pretty, aristocratic look fits aged playboy Bruce Wayne.

I know I've missed several interesting, core characters, but let me know what you think!

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  1. Iain Glen as David Cain, done deal right there. Affleck has proven to be THE definitive Batman of the silver screen.