Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Down to the Nitty Gritty with TRUE GRIT

Is it just me, or are westerns on the way to being the new vampire?

This is Bennett, taking a break from kidnapping John Matrix's daughter.

I never really cared for westerns; thought they were, generally, slow, boring, and cheesy. John Wayne's characters, despite their iconic place in Hollywood history, never struck me as authentic or interesting. But recently I've had a change of heart, thanks in no small part to Garth Ennis's fantastic comic series, Preacher. Ennis's take on the spaghetti western and its themes of manhood, honor, and love has sparked in me an interest in the genre that's steadily grown over the past few years. The Coen Brother's last foray into the genre, No Country for Old Men pretty much branded me an avowed fan of the western. I even went out and read the book by Cormac McCarthy and loved it.