Thursday, July 14, 2011

EW Has Pictures from the Upcoming AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! has a bunch of new pics from the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie.

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Click here to see fifteen new badass shots of Spider-Man!

Looks incredible, IMO.  I'll admit, I wasn't on board for a remake, much less another freakin' origin story.  But after watching Andrew Garfield in Never Let Me Go, I'm all in for this one. 

It looks like the Lizard is going to be in this, played by the always-awesome Rhys Ifans, and I couldn't be happier.  That's a scary concept and if it's done right this film could hit all the tones the poorly-aged Raimi movies could not. 

I'm reminded of Todd McFarlane's Torment storyline from the Spider-Man comic launch.  Of course, I can't remember what actually happened, but I am reminded of it.  Heh.  Regardless, this could be epic.

Oh and Emma Stone.  <3

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